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    Cradle Window Cleaning in Manchester and the North West

    Cradle Window Cleaning Services

    HCS Cleaning Services carry out cradle window cleaning tasks from permanently installed cradles on many large buildings in Manchester and the North West.

    BMU (Building maintenance unit) cradle systems allow our operatives to access the outside of buildings at high levels.

    These access cradles are mainly used by window cleaning companies and it is very important that our window cleaning operatives have the correct training and qualifications to use the cradles professionally and safely.

    An effective way to maintain a high rise building

    Using a cradle system to clean windows can be an effective way to maintain a high rise building where other window cleaning methods are not possible.

    You have confidence that your expensive cradle systems are in good hands, all operatives are fully compliant and trained.

    Cradle Window Cleaning in Manchester and the North West - HCS Cleaning Services

    The benefits of cradle window cleaning include:


    Access for high buildings – Cradles are ideal for accessing the exterior of high buildings

    All in one access – We can manage every aspect on your behalf

    Rescue – Operatives are fully trained in self rescue techniques

    HSE compliant – Works carried out from a safe working platform

    Bespoke access – The cradle is normally designed specifically for your building


    Our window cleaners are experienced and trained on site to the specific operation of every cradle they use. Our window cleaning teams are experienced and competent to BS6037 Cradle standards to operate various types of cradle systems.

    Before we carry out any work, comprehensive site-specific Risk Assessments & Method Statements are provided along with a full Health and Safety information pack.