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    HCS Cleaning Services are Window Cleaners based in Bolton, UK

    We Have Offered Faultless Commercial and Retail Cleaning Services

    We have grown from humble beginnings by being consistent with what we believe in; namely, providing a good value, reliable and customer-focused service to our customers. We still take these values very seriously, and we will always strive to deliver on them for all of our customers, big and small.

    Over the years, HCS Cleaning Services has always looked to provide a great service. This means that we invest in the best staff and equipment, provide exceptional training to our team and specialise in offering a service that is tailored around your needs.

    At HCS Cleaning Services, we also take our environmental duties seriously. We carefully select the equipment, products and methods that are least environmentally damaging, such as the innovative pure water Reach and Wash System, to try and reduce our impact on the environment.