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    Graffiti Removal Services in Manchester and the North West

    Expert graffiti removal cleaning services

    Graffiti has become a big problem, commercial properties and stone structures are increasingly becoming targeted.

    Graffiti can often make a property look unsightly which can have a detrimental affect on your property or business, this can make it difficult when trying to sell a property or floor space to prospective tenants.

    By using specialist hot and cold high-pressure washing graffiti removal equipment and environmentally friendly biodegradable graffiti removal chemicals, it is possible to remove graffiti from all types of porous or non-porous surfaces without damaging the underline facade.

    HCS Cleaning Services offer a graffiti removal service and can also apply anti graffiti coatings to help prevent further damage to your building. We can remove Graffiti from brick, stone, metal, plastic, glass and wood.

    Before we carry out any work, comprehensive site-specific Risk Assessments & Method Statements are provided along with a full Health and Safety information pack.