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    Abseiling and Rope Access Window Cleaning in Liverpool

    Abseiling & Rope Access Window Cleaning Services Liverpool

    Abseil Window Cleaning Liverpool

    HCS Cleaning Services aim to be the most efficient abseil window cleaning Liverpool has to offer and general building cleaning solutions using industrial rope access techniques in Liverpool (also known as abseil window cleaning or high-level window cleaning). We have some of the most experienced and competent rope access technicians in Liverpool. We use abseiling techniques to reach and clean high-level windows that are inaccessible with other methods such as the Reach & Wash system.

    Our window cleaning contracts range from some of the highest office blocks in the country through to residential apartment blocks, penthouses and atriums for some of the biggest block management companies in the UK.

    When it comes to Health and Safety we know that this is the most important factor in our trade, and we have very strict Health and Safety policies for our rope access technicians and window cleaning operatives. All of the specialist equipment we use is thoroughly inspected and maintained. All recommended safety procedures are adhered to and documented and we are fully compliant with all HSE regulations and recommendations.

    We see rope access as an essential and integral part of our company, enabling us to offer a total safe access solutions package to our clients.

    For more information about our abseil window cleaning services in Liverpool, why not get in touch with us today? You can give us a call on 0151 372 0054.

    Other Abseiling services we offer are:

    - Painting and Decorating

    - Banner and Sign Fitting

    - Building Maintenance

    - Gutter Cleaning

    - Cladding Cleaning

    - Bird Spike Installation

    - Pressure Washing

    Abseil Window Cleaning Liverpool – The Advantages

    Advantages of cleaning windows by abseiling methods are factors such as; Access can be gained to work areas that would be impossible by other means, for example sites above walls, trees, rivers or water. Cleaning windows by abseiling methods also has minimal disturbance to building occupants, pedestrians and traffic flow.

    IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) is the main governing international body for industrial rope access, our technicians are qualified internationally within this trade. HCS Cleaning Services also own dead-weight trolley systems and A-Frame systems, this specialist equipment allows us to abseil safely if there are no eye-bolts or anchor points.

    Before we carry out any work, comprehensive site-specific Risk Assessments & Method Statements are provided along with a full Health and Safety information pack.